A Deep Plane Facelift Is A Type Of Plastic Surgery That Gives You A Youthful Appearance

If you have deep facial wrinkles and sagging, then non-surgical cosmetic treatments may not be enough to give you the youthful look you want. Plastic surgery might be the best choice so you can be happy with the results. A cosmetic surgeon can give you the best advice on the right treatment for your situation. They might recommend a deep plane face and neck lift. Here's what this plastic surgery entails.

The Facelift Moves The Deeper Layers Of Tissues

A deep plane facelift looks more natural than a traditional facelift since the skin isn't stretched to achieve the lifted look. Instead, the deeper layer of connective tissue is lifted. This tightens the skin and lifts the jowls. The neck can also be lifted to create a more youthful appearance on your face and neck. There is a lower risk of having a stretched look to your face. Instead, your face looks naturally younger and lifted.

This plastic surgery works on your mid-face. It can smooth your skin from your eyes to your jowls, including the area around your mouth. The surgeon can also plump up your cheek area where you might have hollowness from fat loss.

A Full Recovery Could Take A Few Weeks

You'll have swelling and bruising after the deep plane facelift, so you may want to stay home for several days. You might be cleared to use cosmetics to cover bruising after a week or so, but everyone recovers at their own rate, so you'll need to follow your doctor's specific instructions for you, including how long to take off from work.

It might be a month or more before you can resume all usual activities, including exercise. Once the swelling has gone down, you'll be able to appreciate your new look. Your youthful appearance should last for many years, but you'll need to avoid sun exposure and take good care of your skin for the longest-lasting results.

Results You Might Experience

You shouldn't have to worry about scars since the incisions are hidden in your hairline and become nearly invisible with time. Some effects you might see from this plastic surgery include

  • lifted eyebrows
  • improved skin tone
  • tighter skin
  • fewer wrinkles
  • lifted jowls and neck
  • more cheek volume
  • tighter chin
  • an overall more youthful appearance

You can get a deep plane facelift if you're younger, but it is also an effective way to fight aging if you're older and have wrinkles that don't respond well to cosmetic treatments.

Contact a local plastic surgery service to learn more. 

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