Some Services A Professional Tattoo Studio Can Offer

A professional tattoo studio is a go-to place for a tattoo. But, did you know that most of them do more than offer tattoos? You can learn more about what it's like to visit a professional tattoo studio and the types of services they frequently offer in this article: 

Create patterns

When you walk into a tattoo studio, you'll likely see a lot of pre-drawn designs displayed on the walls. These pre-drawn tattoo patterns include some of the more popular types of designs, like Koi fish, popular symbols, and much more. These designs are referred to as tattoo flash. However, you want to know that tattoo artists can listen to your ideas and create a pattern for you themselves. You can bring in some examples with you, or just tell them some elements you would like, and they can draw up some ideas for you. It's great to have a custom tattoo design that you know no one else has. 

Do tattoos in multiple sessions

If you want a very large tattoo, you don't have to get one piece at a time and have it added on over time by possibly going to different artists. Tattoo artists can do one huge piece by doing it in steps with separate appointments. For example, they can do all the lining in one sitting, then have you come back in a week or so to color in one part, and so on. This allows you to get the exact piece you want with no discrepancies between it. Otherwise, you run the risk of different inks being used, and then the tattoo won't have as much consistency. 

Ear piercing

A tattoo shop will often offer ear piercings. They generally use a needle method of piercing the ears, instead of using a piercing gun. Many people prefer this method because the needle goes right through the ear lobe in a much gentler manner. Kids can be brought into tattoo shops with their guardians to have their ears pierced. 

Body piercing

Tattoo shops also normally offer body piercing. Some parts of the body that are commonly pierced include the eyebrow, nose, lip, belly button, and cheeks. However, there are other parts as well. 

Dermal piercing

The piercer at a tattoo shop will also most likely do dermal piercings. These are special piercings where the piercing lies flat against the skin's surface and there is no exit hole. This can give the effect that someone has jewels attached to their body. 


Now that you know more about some of the services a professional tattoo studio can offer, you may even decide you would like to get more done while you're there.

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