Put Some Misconceptions About Breast Augmentation To Rest

If you are thinking about breast augmentation, and you have just started looking into it, then you may be running across few different contradictory pieces of information. There are plenty of common misconceptions out there about breast augmentation that you want to be aware of. This way, you don't end up believing things that can leave you doubting the benefits of breast augmentation that may otherwise help you. Here are some of the misconceptions you may find, as well as the truth.

Breast implants are easy to spot because they look so fake

One of the most common misconceptions said about breast augmentation is that it leaves you with breasts that people can tell are obviously fake. Some of this comes from the fact that many people chose to go with a very enhanced look popular in the 90s, and they wanted larger and fuller breasts than what looked natural for their frames. However, this trend has come and gone, and now most people want a more natural look. Also, the breast implants available today are better than ever. They offer a very natural look and feel. There are also different ways to approach breast augmentation in regard to how the implants are put in that help to give you a very natural look. 

Breast augmentation leaves you with horrible scars

Something else you may read or hear about breast augmentation is that it leaves very bad scars. However, the surgical techniques that are used during breast augmentation nowadays leave minimal scarring. The placement of the small scars is used to camouflage them well. For example, breast augmentation can be done in a way that leaves you with small scars in your underarm area. Not only can the scars fade to a point where they aren't highly noticeable, but their placement also helps conceal them. 

Breast augmentation takes away your ability to breastfeed

A common misconception that is unfortunately believed by many is that you won't be able to breastfeed a child once you go through with getting breast implants. If you are concerned about whether you would still have the ability to breastfeed, then this is something you are going to want to be sure to discuss with the surgeon. The great news is that many people who have breast implants can still successfully breastfeed. 


Now you have some actual facts about breast augmentation that may make you feel better about choosing to have the procedure done. For more information, contact a local breast augmentation surgery clinic, such as Dakota Plastic Surgery: Sanjay Mukerji, MD.

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