All About the Wonders of Tummy Tucks

Many people get tummy tucks, but they don't all get them for the same reasons. This procedure can help with so many things that it's worthwhile to learn about some of them. Here is more information on tummy tucks and some things they help with: 

Basics of a tummy tuck 

The medical term for a tummy tuck is "abdominoplasty." In short, this procedure involves making an incision on your lower abdomen, pulling the skin above the incision down, removing some of the skin, creating a new hole for your naval, and closing the incisions. 

Reasons for having a tummy tuck

1. Pregnancy pooch: Previous pregnancies have left you with a permanent pooch. No matter how much exercise you do, you may not be able to tone your abdomen to your satisfaction due to that pooch. A tummy tuck will remove it for you. 

2. Loose skin: If you have lost a lot of weight then you may have loose skin. When the skin has been stretched out by a significant amount with weight gain and then that weight is lost, the loose skin won't go away because it was stretched out beyond its elasticity. Some people end up with more loose skin than others regardless of the amount of weight loss. Many factors can contribute to someone having more loose skin including age, genetics, the way the weight was distributed, and more. 

3. Diastasis: Diastasis is a condition in which weakening of the muscles has allowed the midline muscles to separate. A tummy tuck can involve pulling these muscle groups back together again. 

Benefits of a tummy tuck

1. Have the ability to achieve the abs you want: If you are working hard to get in great physical shape and you have a tummy tuck, then you won't have something always holding you back anymore. If you want visible abs, keep working out and you can get them.

2. Have confidence: Once you see the results of the tummy tuck, you will feel great about the results. However, as time goes on you will continue to regain any confidence you lost due to the previous state of your stomach. 

3. Fit in your clothing better: When you try on a tight-fitting pair of pants after you have a tummy tuck, you will be able to fit in them without having a pooch ruin the way they fit and look on you. 

4. Exercise easier: Once you have a tummy tuck, you may find you can do more exercises because you won't have your lower stomach limiting your movement. For example, things like jumping jacks can be hard when you have your lower stomach painfully bouncing up and down. 

5. Get rid of your uncomfortable tummy control shapers: Once you have had a tummy tuck, you won't need to wear restricting and uncomfortable tummy control shapers to reduce the appearance of your lower gut.

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