3 Risks Of Having Loose Belly Skin After Weight Loss

Losing weight should be something that you can be proud of as a major accomplishment. You're taking good steps towards improved health and an improved look, but if you have leftover loose skin on your torso or stomach, you may not be feeling as good about yourself as you should. While some people opt to ignore this problem, there are some issues that can pop up as a result. Here are three things you could potentially face if you don't have the excess skin taken care of.


This is a common problem for people with excess, hanging skin. Sores can develop from two layers of skin rubbing against each other. This isn't unique to people who have lost weight; some folks experience it due to folds in their skin from being very overweight, or even from their legs rubbing together when they walk. However, with loose skin, it's a near-constant problem and one that can become painful and problematic quickly.

Sores on the skin, if left untreated, can lead to problems like oozing and even open wounds, which increases your risk for developing an infection. 

Skin Infections

Skin infections sometimes start as a result of what's living on your skin. When you have two layers of skin rubbing against each other, this is a very common type of infection to develop.

The reason for this is that when two layers of skin press against each other, any sweat, oil, and dirt that's on the skin acts as a feeding ground for bacteria and fungi. These two substances can quickly grow to excess, and then all it takes is the slightest nick in your skin or an open sore to let all those germs in and cause a severe and dangerous skin infection.

Ego and Weight Gain

Finally, some people end up gaining back their lost weight no matter what they do, but the presence of loose skin may make this even more likely for you.

People who have loose skin remaining after weight loss often don't feel as good about themselves as their peers who don't have any. As a result, falling back into old habits can occur, leading to weight gain all over again.

These days, tummy tuck procedures, which remove the excess skin and tighten the remainder, are very common and safe. If you're tired of not looking your best after putting so much time and effort into it, then it's time to talk to a cosmetic surgeon about tummy tuck surgery

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