What You Should Know Before Botox

Are you considering Botox? Before you make a decision, take a look at what you need to know about this cosmetic option for younger-looking, smoother skin.

Choose Quality Over Price

Botox services require professional application and quality products. If the cosmetic procedure's price seems to good to be true, it probably is. Ask the provider about their qualifications and make sure they use a brand-name product. Bargain basement prices often indicate a subpar service.

Ask about Other Medications

Are you on a blood thinner? Do you take aspirin daily? These, and other medications, can make it difficult to clot. This can lead to increased bruising or make it harder to heal after the procedure.

Some vitamins, supplements, and other natural ingredients can also increase the risk of excessive bleeding or bruising. Talk to the provider about all medications—prescription, over-the-counter, or natural—before you get Botox.

Expect Some Bruising

Even if you don't take blood thinners, aspirin, or another drug/supplement that can increase bleeding risks, you may still bruise. This completely normal reaction to the injection isn't permanent and will fade long before the Botox does.

Most patients only experience slight bruising. In general, bruises from Botox services only last for 24 hours. But if you bruise or bleed easily or the needle punctures a blood vessel, you may have marks for several days after the procedure. Talk to the provider about ways to minimize the appearance of bruises if you have concerns after the injection.

Wait to Apply Cosmetics

If you're tempted to cover up the slight bruising this service can cause with a layer of foundation—don't. Let the area rest after the injection. A moderate to vigorous massaging motion can spread the medication to other areas of your face. Ask the provider how long you should wait to apply makeup, slather lotion on, wash your face, or shower.

If you have an event to attend immediately after your injection or need to apply makeup before you head back to work, consider a different appointment time. Wait to schedule your procedure until you have time to go makeup-free for at least 24 hours.

Injectables can change the look of your skin without an invasive surgical procedure. If you're not sure whether Botox is right for you, talk to the provider about the risks and benefits. Bruising, bleeding, medication use, and after-care are topics to explore with the professional. The more you know about this injectable, the easier it is to make the best decision possible.

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