Are Your Breast Implants Needing Redone?

You have breast implants and you're happy with them for the most part. However, over time implants can have an impact on the way your breasts look and feel and may need to be removed and redone. If you are worried about the condition of your implants, speak to your cosmetic surgeon and use this guide to help you determine if you need an appointment for services.

Your implants have moved

Implants are placed in the skin above muscle tissue. When implants move, you can feel them physically shift into the upper part of your breast or even up into your armpit area. You may notice this change when you lie down or when you physically move your implants around.

You should not be able to determine the actual shape of your breast implants from your breast tissue. If you can see the outline of your implants or they shift noticeably and have to be contained with several bras or a corset, then you need to talk to your cosmetic surgeon.

Your implants are uneven

When you first get breast implants, your breasts may appear very high and full. As your implants settle, your breasts will lower and look a more natural shape. As your breast implants move into their rightful positions, your breasts may look uneven as a result. While breasts are naturally not always symmetrical, if this is a concern of yours, talk to your cosmetic surgeon to see if your implants need to be removed, downsized, or taken out.

Your implants are not the right size

Over time, you may start to feel like you don't need implants as large as you have. Or, you may wish to go up a size or two to get the voluptuous body you desire. If your implants aren't pleasing you the way they used to, then you can get them redone. Your cosmetic surgeon will show you different implant sizes to help you determine what your breasts will look like depending on the implant size you choose.

Your breast implants will last a long time if you take care of them properly. You should visit your cosmetic surgeon periodically to make sure they are doing well. If your implants are causing you pain or discomfort or are leaking, see a specialist right away. There are ways your implants can be improved to give you the beautiful results you want without pain or discomfort, and seeing a specialist on breast services is always the easiest route.

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