The Best Way to Recover From Breast Augmentation Surgery

When recovering from breast augmentation surgery, the results you might expect can vary. Every body is different and will respond to the surgery differently. But to have the best outcome, you will need to be prepared for the recovery process. Here are ways you can prepare for your surgery.

Pain Relief

Two to three days after the surgery, you might experience mild pain and discomfort. Fortunately, you may treat all of this with light pain medications. By using a surgical bra, you will experience less discomfort. If you feel nausea, this might be the result of the anesthesia that was used during the procedure.

Skin Creams for Swelling and Tenderness

You may notice redness and swelling, but you're in luck. There are skin creams that your doctor can prescribe that will reduce swelling and tenderness.

Treatments for Nipple Sensitivity

A common response from breast augmentation surgery is that the nipples become erect and sensitive. Nursing pads can help make your nipples feel less sensitive.

Activities to Avoid

The best time to have breast augmentation surgery is during a slow period in your life. While recovering from the procedure, wait two days before taking a shower. After a week, you will be able to return to work and perform light activities. But you should avoid any activities that are strenuous. These include:

  • Heavy lifting
  • Working out
  • Carrying something heavy
  • Climbing a ladder
  • Pushing heavy furniture

Strenuous activities can increase the risk that the healing incisions open up and may cause complications. After about two weeks, you will feel normal and will usually be able to resume normal activities. However, you should only perform light exercise.

The Healing Process

Your doctor will schedule appointments in which you will have your incisions inspected. This is to make sure that everything is healing properly and that no further actions need to be taken.

Usually after about four weeks, your doctor will give you permission to perform more vigorous exercises. After six weeks, you will have completely recovered from the surgery. You will be able to wear a bra of your choice.

Breast Augmentation Scars

One undesirable effect of breast augmentation surgery is to develop scars. As long as you follow the recovery procedures, you will be less likely to have scars. Also, consider wearing sunscreen around the area where the incisions were made since sunlight may cause you to develop scars. Also, your doctor might prescribe tape and a special gel that can reduce the risk that a scar will form.

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