What You Need To Know About Recovering From Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers have become quite popular in the last few years, and there is a good reason for it. Not only do dermal fillers provide clients with the cheek augmentation they have been looking for, but the procedure also instills many men and women with the confidence they deserve.

Are you considering dermal fillers? These tips will ensure that you make the best of your recovery and love the results you receive by the end of the procedure.

Listen to Your Doctor

Never stray from the instructions your doctor provides you with. Cosmetic procedures are not risk-free, and your doctor is trying to keep your results pristine and healthy. Stick to any guidelines you receive.

Know Your Limitations

In the first few hours following a dermal filler procedure, you will be unable to lie down. This means you must sit upright for several hours, not sleeping or napping. If you want to avoid swelling, make sure to spend the night following the procedure with your head elevated. You can do this by propping up with just a few extra pillows or blankets.

You should not be exercising for the first few hours after your procedure. Straining and bending can cause too much stress on the newly injected areas.

Don't Touch Your Face

Avoid touching, especially rubbing, your face after you receive an injection. This means that you should not massage the area unless your doctor explicitly tells you to.

Stay Inside

Limit the time you spend out in the sun after a dermal filler. You should avoid sunning until you no longer experience any swelling or redness in the vicinity of the injections. When the swelling does not seem to alleviate, you can use a cold compress for a few minutes to see results.

Don't Be Afraid

Initially, you may notice some alarming changes to your face. Rest assured that these are side effects that lessen over time. These side effects may include swelling, bruising, and numbing. You may also notice some redness or possibly even a lump at the site of the injection.

If the pain is too severe, you can talk to your doctor about topical medications that will relieve any discomfort. You can also use over-the-counter pain medications.

If you have any remaining questions about dermal fillers, make sure that you get in touch with your doctor. Dermal fillers are safe, but the best results are available when you follow the procedure correctly.

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