Reasons to Opt for an Inframammary Incision When You Get Breast Augmentation Surgery

When you've decided that you wish to have your breasts augmented and you visit a cosmetic surgeon for a consultation, there will be lots to discuss. Most notably, you'll want to talk about your desired new breast size, and perhaps even look at computer simulations of how you might look after the surgery is complete. Another topic to talk about is where the surgeon will make the incision to slip the implant below your skin.

There are generally three locations for this incision—under your arm, around your nipple, and below the breast itself. The latter, known as an inframammary incision, has several factors that make it ideal. Here are some points to consider.

You Won't Lose Nipple Sensation

Although cosmetic surgeons are extremely careful when they cut around your nipple—technically around your areola, rather than the nipple itself—as a way to insert the implant, the reality is that whenever there's an incision anywhere in your body, there's a small chance that the sensation you experience in this area will be altered.

Many women don't favor the idea of their nipples and the area around them losing sensation, as this may affect the quality of their lovemaking in the future. When you opt for an inframammary incision, it's made in an area that won't really bother you if you do lose some sensation.

The Scars Won't Be as Visible

Even though breast augmentation scars will heal over time, there will often be a small mark left behind. Around the areola, this scar may be evident to your partner and may even make you feel a little self-conscious. At your armpit, the scars may be visible when you wear a sleeveless dress or a swimsuit, which may discourage you from lifting your arms. The position of an inframammary incision is such that it's rarely visible, because your breasts sit over it.

The Procedure Is Less Invasive

In many surgical procedures, it's ideal to look for a way to keep the invasiveness as low as possible. When the incision is made in your armpit, the implant has to be moved from this part of your body to your breast. However, when you opt for an inframmary incision, the implant is essentially placed exactly where it needs to be without first having to slide through the surrounding tissue. As such, this type of incision can keep the procedure's invasiveness on the lower side.

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